Organizational Strategy

Do You Have Founder’s Syndrome?

I’ve worked with hundreds of founders in my three-plus decades of executive advising. Men and women representing all shapes and sizes of organizations.  Massive nonprofits and hometown businesses, Fortune 100 companies and boot strapping start ups. I believe founders face some atypical challenges. I love founders. I love the risk […]

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Four Guiding Principles of Relationships

principles of relationships

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people, President Theodore Roosevelt once said. NASA has said the outlier of all space missions is the people dynamics. This makes sense. They can get all the science, math, and engineering figured out but the […]

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The Amazing Power of Purpose

power of purpose

It doesn’t matter what’s wrong. Whether you’ve got a fever, a broken arm, or a missing limb, a visit to the doctor always seems to start the same way. After you check in and enjoy some time reading a People magazine from 1997, you’re ushered back to an empty room […]

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4 Keys to Producing Engaged Employees

Engaged leaders are those who are “all there” when they’re working. They are focused, alert, and ready to run hard after objectives. Some years ago, the Gallup poll organization joined Towers Perrin, a global workforce organization, and surveyed 85,000 people across industries about employee engagement. There was bad news and […]

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Will Generosity Ever Rule the World?

Generosity isn’t just about what you do. It’s about who you are. It’s a quality of personhood. Usually, we limit it to money, but generosity is more than giving excess money to charity. Generosity is deeper than money and wider than philanthropy. It is more than dropping your loose change […]

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Tip for Leaders: Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Most managers know the feeling—that potent mixture of embarrassment, pity, and frustration. It seems to start somewhere in your gut, and usually ends with a barely perceptible wince or sigh. Perhaps it came after a particularly tone-deaf comment or an awkward interaction with a client. Or, maybe it was a […]

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