Practical Faith

Living an Ordinary Life: Are you Missing Something?

I have a good friend who nearly died last year. From a medical perspective, he should have. He lived, though, and he told me not long ago about the odd experience of living when people thought he would die. People who see him now sometimes say something like, “God must […]

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Get Over Yourself – A Guide to Being a Thoughtful Leader

being a thoughtful leader

Spent and focused. Those two words describe me in an airport on a recent trip back home. Traveling home means I’ve spent the past 24-48 hours in intense meetings, problem-solving big issues with clients. So, when I get to the airport headed for home, I’m low in energy, brain power, […]

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Four Guiding Principles of Relationships

principles of relationships

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people, President Theodore Roosevelt once said. NASA has said the outlier of all space missions is the people dynamics. This makes sense. They can get all the science, math, and engineering figured out but the […]

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Four Ways Not to Work

A Wall Street investment banker found himself growing weary of his work, and his meteoric success put him in a position to do something about it. Even though he was only in his thirties, he told me he wanted to quit work and retire. In my role as his strategic […]

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4 Lessons in Leaving a Leadership Legacy

“Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.” That’s what the inscription on Sam Walton’s grave reads. Not “Wal-Mart founder” or “Billionaire philanthropist” or “Man who transformed the modern economy” or “Everyday low prices.” Epitaphs always fascinate me because you see how people want to be remembered. Here are a few […]

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The Value of Collective Wisdom

We are enamored with experts and their expertise. Expert analysis from expert analysts. Expert testimony from expert witnesses. Expert advice from expert consultants. Given the choice, we nearly always seek the opinion of the expert. We want the expert, the guru, the genius, to weigh in, to point us in […]

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The 5 Things You Need For A Thankful Heart

Can you remember the first television show you saw that featured food and cooking? Although the official Food Network did not start until April 19, 1993, there were a few early cooks in the kitchen broadcasting their savory delights. For example, Julia Child released a television special February 11, 1963, […]

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