Re-Launching Cornerstone Coaching

May 20, 2024

For 30-plus years, I've been walking with CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs providing tailored coaching covering the most important topics in their world including strategy, leadership, family, faith, and more. Along the way, this weekly blog became a key piece of the journey as I shared the tools, frameworks, and perspectives straight from the street to your inbox.

For the last two years, I've been working in the background to scale my practice with a new generation of talented coaches. Ben Cashion and I recently completed a successful test of reproducing the practice which has led us to an exciting moment.

I'm pleased to announce today that Cornerstone Coaching, a brand I've long worked under, has been re-energized to anchor our coaching practice. Cornerstone will continue to practice the model I've spent my career developing, pouring into the next generation of leaders and organizations to help them flourish. You can follow Cornerstone on LinkedIn here. 

In the coming weeks I'll share more about Ben and our other coaches, or you can visit our new site here if you want a head start. We will also be sharing more about our model and how you could benefit from it.

And don't worry, I'll still be coming to your inbox every week as I have been for years with tools and frameworks you can apply to your work and life. 

Thank you for reading, and riding along for the journey.

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