Affiliate coaches have been trained in and fully adopted the over 100 tools and frameworks that Steve has developed over the last 30 years. 

Ben Cashion 

For the past 15 years, Ben has been riding copilot with top notch CEO's from a diverse set of industries. As both a full time coach and as an embedded resource, Ben has worked from startup to large scale as leaders make the decisions with the biggest financial and life impact in their worlds. Now, Ben has fully adopted the over 100 tools and frameworks developed by Steve Graves Coaching over the last 30 years to further help CEO's grow in both strategic impact and leadership. Outside of work, Ben lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas with his wife and three kids. They all can often be found hiking at their favorite place, the Buffalo National River. 


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Andrew Dyrhood 

Andrew's work as a coach and advisor was birthed from distinct seasons in his life: 4 years competing as a professional wakeboarder, a 6 year stint in vocational ministry, and 5 years working in Energy. This culmination placed him in the crosshairs of competition, people, organizational leadership, and operational excellence. Practically, this looks like coming alongside a family HVAC business in the morning, discussing non-profits over lunch and reinventing CPG’s with a leadership team in the afternoon. In all scenarios the root of his work and passion remains the same: furthering a leader's impact. He and his wife live in Northwest Arkansas with 3 daughters. His favorite days are spent outdoors with friends and family, being on the water, or mountain biking.


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Coaching should be practical and results-driven. It’s organic and driven by your agenda. It’s conversational and heavy on thinking. It’ll feel like a tough board meeting, a late-night conversation with a good friend, a day away to think deeply, a status reset meeting, and a creative brainstorming session. Fun, deep, exhausting, and challenging.

More than anything else, it is about having a trusted advisor standing by your side.